Jpop: The Girls on the Bus

For the second time, I’ve become a bit enamoured by a jpop music videos for both its songs catchiness as well as (or perhaps moreso) for the cuteness of the singers. This time, it’s the unlikely-I-can-pronounce-correctly Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari by the always-the-cutest, Morning Musume. If you’re wonder what they’re saying (as I was, a few loops later) here is a translation both into Romaji (the japanese kanji translated into roman-alphabet sound clusters) and English meanings. Similarly to the previous fave entry, each member is featured in their own little section, but this time actually going into some detail about them personally. If they continue this trend of individually recognizing/featuring (although I realize these videos are some years old by now) I’ll have to be hooked beyond any reasonable doubt =P


Steel Ball Contraptions (YT)

Daydreaming recently about my favorite Sesame Street segment, the counting steel ball clips (this kind, not that kind, although the latter is a close second), and inspired by this here Digg Video entry of a wooden kinetic “Octopult” sculpture, I went a-surfing and found a few other nifty steel-ball videos. By far my favorite so far is the ceiling one. The Disc Lift is a clever way to raise the balls to the top, extra credit for using plexiglas! =D Let’s Play Outside is another such contraption, with nifty pass-offs in the middle and a quaint little outdoor scene at the base. Flight of the Bumblebee (an overused classical piece, IMHO) is one of Eddie‘s wider machines that I’ve seen and features a few percussion implementations. The Screw Lift is nothing new as far as these ball machines go, and although neither is the Chain/Fork lift from the Bumblebee, both are still just as fun to watch. Here’s a two-parter demonstration of some of the mechanical aspects involved in making the rotating functions operate smoothly — gearhead porn if you ask me =P Another of Eddie’s clever ideas include the Snake and Mouse finale, whereby one solitary ball appears as if scurrying away from a multiball snake some distance behind. Last in this delighful collection is a VT Link (?) device that has a few clever ball resetting elevators, grabs and release timers that I could just watch all day long. Reminds me of the times lazily sitting in my grandfather’s brightly sunlit plantation house sitting room of olde watching the little steel ball clock as each rose to top, passed a trigger on its way down and stood in queue for another turn.

Halo 2 Killimanjaro Compilation (YT)

In the current running theme of posting video compliations, I was looking through other Halo 2 videos after the last post, and opted to make a colly of the killimanjaro videos, just because I could =P Yay! One, Two (!!!), Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight. Good stuff.

Halo 3 Beta spiffiness

If you hadn’t been aware, the giant Halo franchise is about to add yet another game into the fray, to likely conlude a 3-game story arc that, most recently, slipped its fans a mickey by ending Halo 2 with a giant cliffhanger. Well, the multiplayer gurus at Bungie have granted us frag-hungry fans of the famous fingermasher a reprieve by at least creating a Beta edition (a Beta is a test version of a game, usually only reserved for the illustrious Beta Testers to run the game into the ground and report irregularities that don’t show up on the final release) to the public for certain people closely associated with the group.. or whoever buys another game, Crackdown. I bought Crackdown, and on the mega-touted “release day” for the Beta, Microsoft and Bungie bit the big blunder bite by failing to test the fact that the Beta would even correctly download for Crackdown users resulting in a let-down so large, many people have complained that they lost valuable vacation days from work only to end up not even being able to play it! It wasn’t until about 9pm Central US time that the download finally worked, and around 10:30 or later I was set in front of the projector, friend alongside for some Xbox Live action. So here, for the moment, are some shots of the action that I myself recorded and posted to YouTube. They were taken with the game’s in-game session-recording feature, then played back and recorded thence with my digital camera (and I have higher quality versions stored locally) that turned out little better than “eh.. ok”. Here are a few highlights of those first few days of frenzied fraggery. First there’s a moment where I (top) get splattered by a passing Ghost (driven by my guest, bottom) and sliiiiide out into the snow surrounding the Snowbound level and eventually pass the normally impossible to pass invisible barrier of the level. Secondly, a similar incident whereby my flailing body passes said barrier but goes into some wacky kind of glitchy elasticity where various appendages beging to stretch in a wicked crazy manner. Thirdly, whilst passing innocently by the open main gate of ___ I get splattered by an oncoming Warthog and whimsically ricochet off a nearby barrier that I just thought was funny (the ricochet, not the barrier). Fourthly comes quite possibly the shortest splatter spree ever (which is now a medal, btw) when my guest splatters me for the medal, just as a latch a Brute shrapnel grenade onto his ghost and blast him out of it, for a Killjoy medal (ending a killing spree) in return. Fifth, using the new Bruteshot, I embed a few projectiles into partymate GM80 and with a quick uppercut using the sharp end, send him flying up into the air, after which his dead MC actually lands on his feet before toppling over. Lastly and my favorite, I manage get my first 3-medals-at-once combo, by managing a double-kill from the grave. Yeah, I’m aware the video quality isn’t all that great =P

Vidz – Andy McKee YT Compilation

Dear Dear! I hadn’t realized it’s been nearly a month since my last post. Sounds like something I’d write on my reunion site =P Anyhow, I’ve come across an amazing acoustic guitar and harp-guitar musician, named Andy McKee. He performs something called drifting, that, although the term sounds like a cheap attempt on snagging a buzzword, the actual feat is rather more amazing and clever to me than creative steering of foreign automobiles. Submitted for your perusal, I bring you my YouTube link colly of Andy McKee vidz.. including Heather’s Song, Shanghai, Keys to the Hovercar, The Friend I Never Met, For My Father, Into the Ocean, Rylynn, Drifting, Dreamcatcher, Africa, and my favorite, Tight Trite Night. You can check out his personal site at or pop over to his vendor’s site at Enjoy!