A History of The Dead Sea Blogs

The Dead Sea Blogs, a long-time project of thehomeland.org’s founder, started out in early 1997 as a personal homepage, “the homeworld,” that was intended to be a massive list of all known Science Fiction media (books, movies, shows, etc).

As it gradually dawned on me just exactly how absurdly massive that number was, I opted to change to a different format in April of the same year into simply compilation of inspirational email forwards called “the homeland”, using the standard ISP allotment of webspace, coded in notepad.

Subsequent versions followed, adding more features like a bible reading plan (so many verses per day). An active text-formatted (similar to an .nfo coder groups use) email prayer list began, “Voices Raised,” and lasted about 2 years before dwindled interest met its retirement.

The Homeland continued as a Christian resource for categorized verse searching and various static (unchanging) content with fairly sparse hits.

In approximately July of 2000, the thehomeland.org domain was registered, and professional-grade site hosting was secured with HostYard. In May of 2001, the blog aspect initiated which later came to be known as the Dead Sea Blogs.

The site continued to be notepad coded, receiving about 50 hits per week and a fair handful of regular visitors and active commenters, and became relatively popular from posting interesting links and unique videos before the YouTube era really kicked in.

A brief change of heart around October 2006 led to an overhaul and disappearance of the blog aspect — turning into a Q&A FAQ-like guide to faith-shaking questions and an overt subject matter switch to Apologetics.

In March 2007, however, the blog aspect reappeared and for the first time switched to an automated site design propelled by wordpress.com — as it appears today, returning to the linkpost format, but including Apologetics aspects such as response to Atheism videos online.


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    August 26, 2007 at 9:42 am


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