Jpop: The Girls on the Bus

For the second time, I’ve become a bit enamoured by a jpop music videos for both its songs catchiness as well as (or perhaps moreso) for the cuteness of the singers. This time, it’s the unlikely-I-can-pronounce-correctly Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari by the always-the-cutest, Morning Musume. If you’re wonder what they’re saying (as I was, a few loops later) here is a translation both into Romaji (the japanese kanji translated into roman-alphabet sound clusters) and English meanings. Similarly to the previous fave entry, each member is featured in their own little section, but this time actually going into some detail about them personally. If they continue this trend of individually recognizing/featuring (although I realize these videos are some years old by now) I’ll have to be hooked beyond any reasonable doubt =P


Jpop: All For One, One For All

A few months ago, I became a fan of Jpop partly because of the song catchiness but also (ok, largely, yeah yeah) because so many of the gals were just so darn cute =P Here’s my all-time favorite music video so far, which is a huge room full of a bunch of Hello!Project and Morning Musume jpop groups all singing one song. Interspersed are brief closeups of each gal with their name, as a good introduction to each artist. This Google Video version has the lyrics in English and all of the artists translated including the groups they’re in. If you’re looking for a higher quality version, check out this 151mb Stage6 DiVX post (direct download/save as).