Jpop: All For One, One For All

A few months ago, I became a fan of Jpop partly because of the song catchiness but also (ok, largely, yeah yeah) because so many of the gals were just so darn cute =P Here’s my all-time favorite music video so far, which is a huge room full of a bunch of Hello!Project and Morning Musume jpop groups all singing one song. Interspersed are brief closeups of each gal with their name, as a good introduction to each artist. This Google Video version has the lyrics in English and all of the artists translated including the groups they’re in. If you’re looking for a higher quality version, check out this 151mb Stage6 DiVX post (direct download/save as).


Amazing Mimic: Lyrebird

An old video as far as the blogging scene, but certainly one for the record books — David Attenborough (brother of actor Richard, has remarkably similar voice) narrates a clip about the amazing Lyrebird who can mimic absurdly precise sounds.. a car alarm, a camera shutter (with and without automatic film cycle), and perhaps more amazing — a logger’s gas chainsaw being pull-started and the felling of trees.

Highway Geyser

I’ve recently come up with the idea to intersperse interesting Google/YouTube/Revver/etc video links with theological responses to a striking number of Atheism videos I’ve seen on these services. Many of them come from, which uses seemingly realistic logic (in an advertising copy writer’s sense of limited logic) but essentially fails to examine what the bible is saying from the perspective of someone genuinely interested in what it has to say — but instead takes it strictly for face value and makes wildly bizarre assumptions without bothering to see whether the bible even answers those questions. More on that to come.

To start off the video postings, I found this Google video of a highway overpass mounted camera that captures a huge geyser erupting on the median between opposite lanes, from water due to surges of storm water. It appears the geyser blows out twice, once while cars are passing (and blowing off a large seal of some kind) into which one vehicle crashes. The second eruption appears whilst the driver of said crash attempts to move the barrier.