Wacky Japanese Vehicle Modifications

There was a recent Boing-Boing article about some bizarre overcustomization of their motor vehicles. We’ve all seen the wicked huge spoilers on the back of a dropped Honda with low profile tires and ground effects lighting, but this type of modification goes much further beyond that. These are no mere hood scoops. I did some hunting and found a few other galleries to share, such as StrangeVehicles.com, another loosely collected gallery, and a few goofy motorcycles. Kaneda would be proud, I’m sure.


Halo 2 Killimanjaro Compilation (YT)

In the current running theme of posting video compliations, I was looking through other Halo 2 videos after the last post, and opted to make a colly of the killimanjaro videos, just because I could =P Yay! One, Two (!!!), Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight. Good stuff.

Vidz – Andy McKee YT Compilation

Dear Dear! I hadn’t realized it’s been nearly a month since my last post. Sounds like something I’d write on my reunion site =P Anyhow, I’ve come across an amazing acoustic guitar and harp-guitar musician, named Andy McKee. He performs something called drifting, that, although the term sounds like a cheap attempt on snagging a buzzword, the actual feat is rather more amazing and clever to me than creative steering of foreign automobiles. Submitted for your perusal, I bring you my YouTube link colly of Andy McKee vidz.. including Heather’s Song, Shanghai, Keys to the Hovercar, The Friend I Never Met, For My Father, Into the Ocean, Rylynn, Drifting, Dreamcatcher, Africa, and my favorite, Tight Trite Night. You can check out his personal site at AndyMcKee.com or pop over to his vendor’s site at CandyRat.com. Enjoy!