Classic Television Intro Segments @ YouTube

Keep in mind these are host elsewhere than my control, so as the article grows older, links may expire or be removed (as they are, after all, not likely to be the poster’s Int.Prop. anyhow =P

Adam 12
Addams Family
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
All In the Family
Battlestar Galactica
Beverly Hillbillies
Brady Bunch
Cagney & Lacey
Captain Kangaroo
Car 54 Where Are You?
Dennis the Menace
Dick Van Dyke Show
Diff’rent Strokes
Doctor Who
Doogie Howser M.D.
Dukes of Hazzard, The
Facts of Life, The
Family Ties
Full House
Get Smart
Gilligan’s Island (bonus)
Golden Girls, The
Green Acres
Growing Pains
Happy Days
Hawaii Five-O
Hill Street Blues
Howdy Doody
Home Improvement
I Dream of Jeannie
Knots Landing
Knight Rider
Laverne & Shirley
Leave It To Beaver
Love Boat, The
Mad About You
Magnum P.I.
Married… With Children
Mary Tyler Moore Show, The
M*A*S*H (bonus)
Mork & Mindy
Mr. Ed
Mr. Belvedere
Munsters, The
Muppet Show, The
My Two Dads
Newton’s Apple
Night Court
Odd Couple, The
Perfect Strangers
Perry Mason
Price is Right
Quantum Leap
Sanford & Son
Saved By the Bell
Six Million Dollar Man
Star Trek Original
Star Trek TNG
Star Trek DS9
Star Trek VOY
Star Trek ENT
St. Elsewhere
Walker, Texas Ranger
Welcome Back, Kotter
Who’s The Boss
WKRP In Cincinnati
Wonder Woman
Wonder Years, The


Steel Ball Contraptions (YT)

Daydreaming recently about my favorite Sesame Street segment, the counting steel ball clips (this kind, not that kind, although the latter is a close second), and inspired by this here Digg Video entry of a wooden kinetic “Octopult” sculpture, I went a-surfing and found a few other nifty steel-ball videos. By far my favorite so far is the ceiling one. The Disc Lift is a clever way to raise the balls to the top, extra credit for using plexiglas! =D Let’s Play Outside is another such contraption, with nifty pass-offs in the middle and a quaint little outdoor scene at the base. Flight of the Bumblebee (an overused classical piece, IMHO) is one of Eddie‘s wider machines that I’ve seen and features a few percussion implementations. The Screw Lift is nothing new as far as these ball machines go, and although neither is the Chain/Fork lift from the Bumblebee, both are still just as fun to watch. Here’s a two-parter demonstration of some of the mechanical aspects involved in making the rotating functions operate smoothly — gearhead porn if you ask me =P Another of Eddie’s clever ideas include the Snake and Mouse finale, whereby one solitary ball appears as if scurrying away from a multiball snake some distance behind. Last in this delighful collection is a VT Link (?) device that has a few clever ball resetting elevators, grabs and release timers that I could just watch all day long. Reminds me of the times lazily sitting in my grandfather’s brightly sunlit plantation house sitting room of olde watching the little steel ball clock as each rose to top, passed a trigger on its way down and stood in queue for another turn.

Foreign TV show: oddly dancing Korean girls

Some asian television program features this pair of Korean girls who have choreographed a very peculiar homemade video. Must… look… away…

Price is Right on the Money

A marriage proposal on the Price is Right just after spinning the big wheel lands at just the right spot.